Artist’s statement/About

Artist’s statement

I have been a professional artist for more than 30 years, exhibiting and selling my artwork through solo and group exhibitions as well as working on commission for private buyers and companies. I am mainly self-taught and achieved my skills through experimenting and working hard towards living my true passion.

Most of my artwork is created in my home studio in Kreuth by Lake Tegernsee, an hour south of Munich. My work is held in private and public collections.

I get my inspiration from the beautiful surroundings, books, journeys and my strong affinity for the sea and the ever-changing light. Most of my paintings are acrylics, but I also use mixed media and water colors on traditional canvas, paper or wood panels.

My abstract paintings have been called dynamic and intriguing. Over the past few years I’ve also been developing a new line of abstract landscapes that have a more serene and calm feel – resulting in a sense of both harmony and movement. I love the challenge of experimenting with new materials and ideas.

Even though I have an image in my head at the start, I paint intuitively – letting one brush stroke form the next. It is all about being in the moment.

The quick drying nature of acrylics allows to express directly my sentiments and I don’t have to hold back and spontaneous changes are possible. This is the reason that every painting consists of multiple layers of acrylics, sand, water colors and pastels.

I want to inspire people, give hope, enlighten, invite creativity and share the enormous power of art. I paint to capture the beauty of life and living. I want to invite people to see for themselves, to interpret freely, to search for their personal meaning and to make discoveries along the way.

Art is my passion and profession. Every day spent in my studio is a learning experience, often leaving my comfort zone. My artwork is based on my gift, but even more on hard work, dedication and consistency. And I am grateful to have the opportunity to do what I love. To me, art is the celebration of creativity and individualism. Art, like life, should be celebrated every day.

Some art workshops I attended over the past decades:

  • Illustration of picture books – Reichenhaller Akademie/Germany
  • Acrylic paint work shop – Reichenhaller Akademie/Germany
  • „Schule der Phantasie“ – Academy of Art, Munich/Germany
  • Several journeys for painting workshops, i. e. Tuscany (Italy), Valencia/Sevilla (Spain)
  • Watercolor workshops
  • Portrait workshops (charcoal, pencil) and a nude drawing class (red chalk and watercolor)

Being authentic is a choice of how we want to live – a decision we have to make every day. It’s about the choice to show up, to be honest and to let our true selves to be seen.